Membership at Fishers Direct Family Care

Many people avoid the doctor when they need healthcare the most. Regular checkups have become a hassle due to insurance coverage and copays.  With the direct primary care model at Fishers Direct Family Care, you gain access to Dr. Patel and our qualified medical staff for a simple, monthly fee.  A price similar to a standard gym membership includes all visits, in-office testing, and after-hours access to Dr. Patel.  Rest assured knowing that life’s bumps, bruises, and bugs will be taken care of for you and your family without extending beyond your budget or available time.

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Our Rates



Children (ages 3-20)


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Receive a discount when enrolling multiple family members.

2nd family member

Each additional family member

$10 off per month

$5 off per month

Family members must be added to the same billing account.


2 adults


1 adult. 2 children

$110 per month
($60 + $60 – $10)

$125 per month
($60 + $40 + $40 – $10 – $5)