Direct Primary Care


Direct primary care is a model of primary care that is quickly gaining popularity around the country. DPC breaks from the traditional insurance-based model. It is based on the idea that the patient-doctor relationship not only provides patients with better health security and care, but actually improves health outcomes. Don’t believe it? The results are in, and the data is striking. Direct primary care patients have:

  • 82% less surgeries
  • 66% less specialists visits
  • 65% fewer ER visits
  • 35% fewer hospitalizations.*

Direct primary care simply means that a practice does not bill insurance or 3rd party payers. Doing business directly with our patients means the practice is able to lower its overhead and take on less patients. Less patients per physician allows more time with each patient and less overhead means the practice can offer affordable cash pricing.

This is not concierge medicine only for the wealthy. While I provide the same level of service and care as concierge medicine, by not billing insurance, I am able to offer prices similar to a standard gym membership.

*British Medical Journal: Qliance Study

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