Frequently Asked Questions


How does laboratory testing work in your office?
We have two options when doing labs in our office.  First, we can submit your order to the lab along with your insurance information.  The lab will bill your insurance, and you’ll be responsible for any portion that is not covered.  Or, we do have negotiated contract pricing with a local lab that allows us to provide labs at a much reduced rate.  In this instance, you would pay us directly for your labs at the time of your visit with no further insurance involvement.

How do medications work in your office?
You can use any pharmacy you would like for your prescription medications.   They will bill your insurance for the prescriptions, and you will be responsible for whatever your insurance doesn’t cover.  We also have the ability to dispense most generic medications from our office a wholesale cost. Most of the time, this wholesale pricing is lower that what you would pay at the pharmacy even with insurance.

Does your office provide vaccines?
Yes!! We are able to provide most adult and adolescent vaccines in our office. We have cash pricing available for these, or we can bill most third-party insurance plans on your behalf using our vaccine partner, VaxCare.

What if I need specialty care?  Will you refer me to another provider?
If you need care outside of our office, we will refer you to the appropriate provider.  We collect your insurance information so we can try to ensure the outside provider is in network with your insurance.

What it I need hospital care?
If you need inpatient care, you are free to go to any hospital of your choosing.  Our office is not affiliated with any hospital network.  Wherever you go, we will work closely with your inpatient care team to ensure a seamless transition back to our office.