Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance and Payment

What does it cost to be a member at your office?
Our low monthly membership fee covers all office visits, online visits, and in-office testing.  Click here for full details on our pricing.

Are there things that your office dose charge for on top of the membership fee?
We do charge a nominal fee for medications and procedures provided in the office. Examples of medications include a Vitamin B12, Depo Provera, or steroid injection.  Procedures may include a skin biopsy, freezing a wart, or a laceration repair. For these services, we only charge enough to cover to cost of the medication or the supplies used in the procedure. These charges will be significantly lower than those from a typical office or an urgent care.

How does your office work with my health insurance?
Our office does not bill insurance for any of the services we provide.  Our membership fee is paid out of pocket, though you can use your HSA if you have one.  We do collect your insurance information to use if we refer you out of the office to see another physician or for other testing to make sure they are in your network.

Can I submit the membership fee to my insurance for reimbursement?
We’ve found that most insurance plans don’t cover membership based fees.  You will get a receipt with every payment, so you may certainly try to submit it.  They may apply the cost toward your deductible, but that will vary based on your plan.

Do I still need health insurance?
We recommend all of our patients continue to have health insurance.  Our office will provide all of your primary care needs, but you should still have insurance for major medical issues.  Direct Primary Care pairs well with a high deductible health plan.

Am I able to use your office if I have Medicare?
Yes!! We enjoy seeing Medicare patients in our office.  However, you will not be able to submit any charges from our office for reimbursement from Medicare.  Otherwise, our office works just the same as with any other health insurance.