Why direct care?

We are a Direct Primary Care Family Medicine office in Fishers, IN.  We believe health care costs, technology, and services directly affect you and your family – so you should be in complete control.  As a full-scope Family Physician, Dr. Risheet Patel will work with you and your family one on one to help you achieve your health care goals.

When it’s just you and your doctor – and you don’t have to interact with insurance companies and other middlemen – you receive care that is trustworthy, innovative, and personalized for your health and budget.

Trusted Care

Visits are unlimited and are longer than in a traditional office. Modern technology and digital communication allow patients to keep the conversation going by connecting with their family doctor online.  Patients will receive feedback and follow up in real time.


More Time

We believe in the doctor-patient relationship and allow ample time during each visit. You should never feel rushed or hurried when discussing your health.

Personal Health Plans

Our personal health plans go beyond a quick diagnosis and prescription. We want to learn about you and your family to create customized, achievable care plans.

Complete Office Care

All visits, online communications, and in-office testing are included in your membership.

Unlimited Access

Never again feel apprehensive about talking with your doctor. Unlimited online and in-person visits are included.

Innovative Practice

Health Care in the Digital Age

Fishers Direct Family Care uses modern technology to give you the best and fastest care.

Our belief in technology means you and your family will:

  • Access your medical records and lab results through our patient portal 
  • Contact your doctor by email, text message, and video chat
  • Schedule same day and future appointments online
  • Receive text and email reminders

With online access and real-time communication, your health is no longer a hassle.  

Spend less time waiting and more time living. 

Learn about what Direct Primary Care is and how it can help you and your family stay healthier while saving money,