Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

We are proud to offer Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Opioid Use Disorder.  MAT involves the use of a buprenorphine/naloxone medication such as Suboxone, Bunavail, or Zubsolv to treat addiction and dependence of opioids.  This is combined with counseling and behavioral therapy to maximize success.

We believe the membership model at Fishers Direct Family Care is a perfect companion to MAT.  All office visits and in-office testing are included in our simple, fixed price.  This allows us to focus on our treatment steps and progress without worrying about the cost of individual visits or tests.


Given the complexity of MAT, the monthly price for our program is slightly higher than that of our standard membership.  We want to be comfortable seeing patients more frequently and utilizing in-office testing to ensure the proper compliance and safety of our treatments.

Initial Fee


All patients enrolling for MAT will pay $250 at the time of their first visit.  This fee helps us cover the time and cost of screening new patients, reviewing prior records, and orienting patients to our treatment program. This will also cover the first month of treatment including the induction.

Monthly Rate

$150 per month

The ongoing cost of our MAT program is $150 per month.  This will include all office visits along with in-office testing including urine drug screens.

Payments are preferred using a credit or debit card.  We can also accept payment via bank draft.

As a patient at Fishers Direct Family Care, you will also receive all of the primary care services included in our standard membership.


Our MAT process is highlighted below.  

Initial Intake

As a Family Physician, we are focusing our MAT program on lower complexity patients.  We will perform an initial intake on all patients requesting to join our program to make sure our office is a good fit for them.  We will contact each patient back directly to review the intake form and give recommendations either with our office or with another provider.

First Visit

Once accepted into our MAT program, patients will be scheduled for their first visit.  During this time, we will obtain a detailed medical and psychiatric history, conduct a physical exam, collect a urine drug screen, and discuss other needed labs or testing.  We will also look to obtain prior records from other providers if appropriate.  No medications will be prescribed at this visit.  

Treatment Plan

Once we have reviewed all prior records, test results, and the patient's history, we will develop a customized treatment plan for the patient.  We will discuss options and strategies for treatment including different medications and counseling options.  We will also review medication costs and insurance coverages if applicable.  Finally, we will set our plan for the induction and start of treatment.


After the intake and planning, we will start the patient on medications to commence treatment.  This induction visit will take 2-3 hours to ensure the patient is tolerating the medication well and to address any side effects.  Once the patient leaves the office, we will stay in close contact with him or her over the next few days to make sure the medications are continuing to work

Follow up

Once started on medications, we will see patients back in the office every 1-2 weeks.  We want to confirm proper medication use without side effects or breakthrough symptoms.  As patients stabilize, we will space out visits until we reach a schedule of once per month.

Initial Intake

We require patients to complete an initial intake to ensure that our office is appropriate for their care.  You may complete the online form below or call us at 317-567-9140 to complete to intake in person.

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Please provide a list of your current medical conditions (examples: high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma).
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