Our Pricing Model

I'd like to take some time to explain in detail our pricing model at Fishers Direct Family Care.  This article will explain the ins and outs of pricing within our office.  We will have a separate article to explain how we try to reduce costs outside of the office.  When patients enroll at our office, they pay a fixed, monthly fee for most of their primary care services.  This includes all office visits, all online communication, as well as all in-office testing.  There is an additional fee for in-office medications and procedures which is explained below.  We also provide discounts for yearly memberships as well as memberships for families.  

Office visits

All of our office visits are included in our fixed, monthly fee.  Whether you come in once a year or once per month, there will be no additional fee.  This allows us to have ample time to discuss all of your health needs.  We never need to rush through any one topic because, if need be, we can always see you back again to continue where we left off.  This also eases the uncertainty often experienced when considering an office visit for an acute issue.  I've heard many patients state that they may avoid coming to see their doctor, even when they're not feeling well, to avoid a high-priced office visit for something simple or self-limiting.  In our model, there is no need to hesitate to call us.  We can see you same or next-day regardless of your concern.

Online communication

One of our goals at Fishers Direct Family Care is to innovate and embrace technology.  So we provide the ability to do e-visits, telehealth visits, and communicate digitally with us at no extra cost.  Often, a simple question or concern can be addressed through a digital avenue without needing you to physically come to the office.  This can save you tremendous time and money in your busy life.  This won't negate the need for an office visit for everything, but having a quick, easy way to communicate and interact with your physician is a great start in determining if an in-person visit is necessary.

In-office testing

Another service included in the fixed, monthly fee is in-office testing.  This refers to simple, diagnostic testing done within the office to help with diagnosis and treatment. These could include tests like a urinalysis or a rapid strep test which involve a swab or a sample of some type.  It could also be something like an EKG or an oxygen saturation which is testing done on your body.  Either way, these tests would have additional codes and charges in a traditional office.  These are all included in our office, so there is no need to worry about hidden fees.

In-office procedures and medications

When we do in-office procedures such as a skin biopsy or a wart removal, or if we administer medications in the office such as a steroid injection or a Depo-Provera shot, we do have an additional fee to cover the cost of the supplies or the medication used in the procedure.  However, the costs for these will be markedly less than what you'd find in a traditional office.  We charge only what's needed to cover our wholesale costs, no markup.  And there is no additional charge for the physician time.  That is already covered in the monthly membership fee.  So for example, a skin biopsy may cost $25-$50 in our office whereas it would start around $150 in a traditional setting.  A dose of a steroid could be administered for around $10 with us compared to $50 or more in a traditional setting.  Our goal is to provide a comprehensive set of services for our patients without breaking the bank.

Please let us know if you have any further questions about our pricing.  You can call us, e-mail us, or fill out the form below, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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E-mail: info@fishersdfc.com