Saving Money

One of our goals at Fishers Direct Family Care is to save you money outside of the office.  We feel that our pricing model shows great value for the services we provide in the office.  However, we would like to take it one step further by saving you money for services outside of our office as well.  We currently have a few specific areas but are always looking for more.  


As a primary care physician, laboratory testing is an integral part of the management and work up of a number of conditions we treat.  However, we all know that lab testing can be expensive.  Most insurance plans will cover a basic set of screening labs each year.  But beyond that, the costs can add up.  Therefore, we have partnered with one of the leading local labs to offer negotiated cash pricing on lab testing.  Most of the common labs are under $10.  Just like physician offices and hospitals, labs have to spend time and money dealing with insurance billing, claims, and collections.  When this can be eliminated, they are able to offer the same, high-quality labs at a fraction of the price. 


Similarly, medications from pharmacies can be marked up quite a bit to help offset costs of billing and claims.  We can work with you in two ways to save you money on your prescription medications.  First of all, if you'd like to use a local pharmacy, we can check sites like GoodRx to look for the least expensive pharmacy or medication option.  Often times, prices can be quite different from pharmacy to pharmacy.  We can also sometimes use a different medication or formulation to achieve the same goals at a much lower cost.  Secondly, we have partnered with a local, mail-order pharmacy to offer great savings for long-term medications.  We can have a 90 day supply of most medications shipped to your house for less than what most pharmacies would charge for a month.  These regular savings can add up quickly and can help offset your DPC membership fee.


Finally, the price for imaging has continued to increase.  Technology for advanced imaging such as CT's and MRI's has definitely improved, but often at the expense of patients.  We have partnered with a local imaging group to offer transparent, flat fees for imaging services including plain film x-rays, ultrasounds, CT's, and MRI's.  Their prices are often less than half of what you'd pay at a local hospital or other imaging center.

All in all, we know that with high-deductible health plans, patients are paying for more medical services out of pocket.  Our goal is to work with our patients to make sure they received the highest quality healthcare at the most affordable price.