Moving Your Care Online

One of the great advantages of Fishers Direct Family Care is our ability to innovate and embrace technology.  Nowhere is that more prominent than with our online offerings.  As entire industries have moved online and into the cloud, healthcare has been behind the times.  However, we are hoping to change that with our online services.

Online Patient Portal

Having easy and ready access to your medical records is the first step to being an informed patient.  Our online patient portal, Patient Fusion, allows you to view portions of your medical chart.  This includes your current diagnoses, medication list, vital signs, lab results, and immunization records.  These are tracked for you in real time as we update your chart in the office.  You can then view, print, and share this information as you see fit.

Online Communications

Having a quick and easy way to communicate with us online is of utmost importance as well.  You can send us secure e-mails through Patient Fusion, but you can also use our dedicated telehealth app, Hale, to send shorter messages, similar to texts.  The app will also allow you to send pictures and videos as well.  All of these messages are securely stored and categorized in your record.


Another great benefit of our online offerings is the ability to handle simple medical issues through e-visits without needing to physically come in the office.  Our telehealth app, Hale, allows us to conduct structured e-visits for a number of simple conditions such as a cough or cold, rash, or bumps and bruises.  The app will obtain the answers to pertinent questions which are then sent to our office for review.  We can then follow up with you regarding the best course of action.  For most issues, we can have your concern addressed in just a couple hours without needing to leave the house or take time off of work.

Video visits

Finally, with the advent of Skype and Facetime, conducting video visits should seem second nature.  Without needing to come to the office, we can have a more meaningful, face to face interaction virtually to address your healthcare needs.  This could be for an acute issue, but could also be in regard to follow up for an existing condition or even for preventative health counseling.  The sky's the limit!!

While we always enjoy seeing patients in person in the office, we also want to embrace all that technology has to offer.  The bottom line is to ensure quick, convenient communication and access to care and information.